State Rep. Spencer Hutchins takes oath, begins House committee work

Rep. Spencer Hutchins took the oath of office Monday officially starting his first term as state representative for the 26th Legislative District. Hutchins was sworn in along with other state representatives in a ceremony on the floor of the Washington State House of Representatives on the first day of the 105-day, 2023 legislative session.

A former Gig Harbor City Council member, Hutchins is honored to continue his public service in the State House and get to work for his district. 

“As a lifelong resident of the 26thDistrict, I am humbled by this opportunity and will work each day to represent our entire community,” said Hutchins, R-Gig Harbor. “I hope all of my neighbors back home will contact me with their input and concerns. I am proud to be their voice.”

For the 2023 legislative session, Hutchins has been selected to serve as assistant ranking member on the House Health Care and Wellness Committee and the House Transportation Committee. He will also serve on the House Housing Committee.

The House Health Care and Wellness Committee considers policies related to physical and behavioral health care, including regulation and licensing of hospitals and other health care facilities. It also considers issues related to public health and handles the regulation of pharmacies and pharmaceuticals.

The House Transportation Committee considers multimodal transportation services for the entire state, including budgets, and oversees various transportation agencies.

The House Housing Committee tackles everything from accessibility and affordability to zoning and supply, including: housing impacts under the Growth Management Act; landlord-tenant law; homelessness; farmworker housing; manufactured housing; housing authorities; and the Housing Finance Commission.

Hutchins can be reached at 360-786-7964 or via e-mail at


Washington State House Republican Communications