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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope this update finds you well! I am Spencer Hutchins, your state representative for the 26th Legislative District. It is an incredible honor to be here in Olympia serving you — my neighbors on the Kitsap Peninsula.

In the days and weeks ahead, I will be sharing regular updates like this to keep you informed on the priorities we are working on, where things stand, and what comes next.

We are over a quarter of the way through the 105-day legislative session and I have been busy.

Last week, I got my first bill voted out of committee. I also delivered my first House floor speech on a bill I co-sponsored to close a critical gap which will help protect us all when buying a vehicle, and I am just getting started.

I serve on three House committees:

Being selected to serve in leadership on two of my committees is an honor, and I am humbled by the opportunity.

In the Housing committee, this week I hold a hearing on a bill I am co-sponsoring to help people get into homes. The Homes for Heroes program would create a down payment and closing cost assistance program for people in certain critical professions – such as first responders, healthcare and behavioral health workers, 911 dispatchers, military members, veterans, and others.

On Monday, I testified in the Transportation Committee on House Bill 1540 — a bill I sponsored that will help make our roads safer as we face some of the highest numbers of traffic fatalities in Washington history.

Washington State Legislative Building

What’s Ahead

As a husband, father of three, and co-owner of a small business, I understand the real-world impact the policies we decide here in Olympia have on families.

That’s why I am also focused on increasing safety in our community, keeping our cost of living under control, expanding housing options and affordability, safeguarding a high-quality education for our kids, expanding our workforce and career opportunities, and improving our transportation system to support a vibrant economy.

Learn more about what I am working on in my latest video update or watch my previous video update.

Get Informed and Involved

The more you get involved in the legislative process, the better it will be for our community. Find out how to get started here.

Watch Legislative Proceedings

TVW | TVW broadcasts floor and committee action live online.

Track Bills

Click here to track the status of a bill. After entering a bill number, you can read the text of a bill, see the sponsors, the bill’s history, and its status in both legislative chambers.

Remote Testimony

You can sign up to testify remotely if you cannot attend a committee hearing on a bill in Olympia. You may also submit written testimony to a committee and get your position on a bill noted for the legislative record. Click here to learn more about participating in the process.

Be in the Know

Let’s Talk!

The key to my success in Olympia is you!

I truly want to hear from you about your ideas, issues, and suggestions to improve our community. Click here to learn how to get in touch.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Spencer Hutchins

State Representative Spencer Hutchins, 26th Legislative District
122D Legislative Building | P.O. Box 40600 | Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(360) 786-7964 | Toll-free: (800) 562-6000