Rep. Spencer Hutchins will not seek second term

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Rep. Spencer Hutchins will not seek second term

Rep. Spencer Hutchins, R-Gig Harbor, has decided not to run for reelection to the state House of Representatives.

“It is with regret that I share my decision not to seek a second term. Over time, it has become clear that stepping away is the right thing to do for my family,” said Hutchins. “I am deeply grateful to our community for giving me the opportunity to serve. Representing my neighbors in the state House has been one of the most profound honors of my life.”

“I would love to stay longer. There is so much left to do and more I feel I can contribute. But the hard reality is this has taken a heavy toll on my livelihood and my ability to provide for my family. While we are a part- time Legislature, the demands of this role are more realistically full-time and year-round,” Hutchins added.

“The highest priorities in my life are my faith and family,” said Hutchins. “As passionate as I am about our community — and about bringing goodwill, balance, and bipartisanship to the polarized politics of today — my family’s wellbeing must come first.”

Hutchins expressed particular appreciation for his seatmate, Rep. Michelle Caldier, R-Gig Harbor.

“Michelle is not only my valued partner and trusted ally in the House. She is also a close personal friend,” said Hutchins. “She has always had my back, and I will miss being in the trenches with her.”

Hutchins also thanked his Senate seatmate, Sen. Emily Randall, D-Bremerton. Hutchins praised the bipartisanship and collaboration of the district delegation, noting that the 26th District is one of only two districts in the state represented by both Republicans and Democrats in the Legislature.

“Michelle, Emily, and I try to model bipartisanship intentionally. We work together whenever we can for the best interests of our community. And we respect each other even in our differences,” said Hutchins. “I am grateful to them both for that gift.”

Hutchins serves on three House committees: Health Care & Wellness and Transportation, where he serves as the assistant ranking member, and Housing.

Hutchins has worked vigorously on the big issues facing the community and the state, including public safety and the drug crisis, increasing housing supply and affordability, improving access to quality health care, and fixing the state ferry system.

“I am truly grateful that my friends and neighbors in the 26th District chose me to represent them in Olympia,” said Hutchins. “I will continue to work hard for them until my last day in office.”


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